About New Mission PAC

  • Founded By Dr. Daniel Gade

    New Mission PAC was founded by former Virginia Republican U.S. Senate nominee and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Dr. Daniel Gade. After being wounded twice in Iraq and giving his leg to defend America, Gade has spent his entire professional life fighting for veterans and people with disabilities in the White House, on the National Council on Disability and through his own privately funded research.

  • Improving Veterans Policy

    As a wounded veteran, Gade’s passion has been invested in reforming veterans policy to better serve our nation’s 18 million veterans. Today, less than 20% of Congress has served in the armed forces and that number has steadily declined since the 1970s. New Mission PAC’s priority is to assist veterans running for office, inform voters on issues related to armed services and veterans policy, and elect public officials with a new mission to serve.

  • National Security Threats

    America faces national security threats from across the globe and as we usher in a new group of political leaders, the PAC is committed to ensuring that the voters and lawmakers are educated on the most pressing issues affecting the homeland.


Former Virginia GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Dr. Daniel Gade is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, professor, and public policy leader. During more than 25 years of military service, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts. Daniel graduated from West Point in 1997. He currently resides in Alexandria with his wife of 21 years, Wendy, and their three children.